magnum 21

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Space for all the family. Thrills without spills! Fast and safe! This flourescent pink spinnaker
looks better in real life.
Spinnakers are available 
in a variety of colours
Yellow MAGNUM 21
with a red spinnaker. Family & dog! Yellow boat and sail flash. Fast, safe, dry!
Magnum gathering - Carnac Light winds but high speed! 2003 MAGNUM 21 Fast, safe, dry!
Stern view. Plenty of space Relax Flourescent pink spinnaker
Coming ashore in white
Magnum with lazybag. High speed! Dog sitting on trampoline. Plenty of freeboard!
Man's best friend! Mummy! Close hauled.
Close friends. Spinnaker is an attractive option
Aerial view Performance in light winds Portrait view from front. Spinnaker is attractive - full stop!
Blue boat, reefed main sail. Two blue Magnums Blue Magnum with white deck. 44sqm of sail!
Crossing Flourescent pink spinnaker Yellow Magnum with red spinnaker. The new in 2004 BLUE Magnum 21 with Blue Star Cut Spinnaker
Blue striped gennaker on Blue & White Magnum 21 Family fun 3 sails = 44 sqm! 3 in a boat
MAGNUM 21 trimaran ORDER NOW Specification CATRI 24 trimaran
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