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Tents like this are lightweight and readily obtainable so ideal for impromptu camping aboard.


The trampolines overlap the sides and have pockets built into them for extra storage space. And there is a massive 1m3 locker in the bow with a smaller one in the stern.  All your gear could be stowed aboard.


When it comes to making way fast the Magnum 21's greatest assets are its sleek hull shape and slim hydrodynamically efficient floats. It bears comparison with a sand shark!

Spot the sand shark... !!!


The Magnum 21 was born out of the common desire that all boat owners have for a boat that is just a little bigger than the one they currently own. In this case it was the owners of the revolutionary VirusPlus.

So to create the hulls for the new Magnum 21, NoŽl Louvet, the designer of this innovative, trimaran concept, commissioned the same naval architect, Guy Saillard, who designed this spectacular wind-surfboat that was designed to cross the Pacific.

Spot the similarity.
Click to view video of 20ft Astus trimaran sailing in Cardigan Bay

VIDEO of 20ft Astus trimaran sailing in Cardigan Bay


Makes beaching easy
The easily retractable centreboard makes sailing Magnum 21 trimarans upto and onto a beach a natural activity.

When you are exploring islands you can get right in close. Even go ashore for a b-b-q. No need for a tender. This feature makes the Magnum 21 the perfect boat for entertaining. This family day boat offers the perfect option for anyone who enjoys sailing, but wants to keep it simple.

The centre board has two other sailing benefits:
  • Better pointing upwind compared with skegs, especially when compared with having a skeg under the float.
  • Less risk of damage to board and boat than with a daggerboard as it retracts automatically when hit.
   If you were in a keel boat then you would have to anchor offshore and inflate your dinghy to come ashore.


With a volume of 350 litres per float it would take about 4 people standing on one to submerge it.

Put another way this means that the bouyancy or lift provided by one float is equivalent to 4 people standing on the other one!
   Yes, it's stable.

And if you actually get four people standing on the windward float then, with the additional buoyancy of the leeward float, you have the equivalent of eight people standing on the trimaran's windward float! So the Magnum 21 is inherently secure and stable and can withstand quite a gust quite easily without capsizing.   


Fitted with a furling jib to make life easy for you, the rigging has been kept simple whilst offering all the essential features for trimming your sails properly.

And there is a choice of 4 head sails, jib (std), genoa, gennaker and spinnaker so you can sail fast even in light airs.


Assembly and disassembly is simplicity itself.    The Magnum 21 is easy to assemble and dismantle with VirusBoats patented clamps and quick release trampolines.

No tools required.

Check out the assembly gallery and videos.
   Mast erection can be done by a woman alone!
Here though a couple assemble their Magnum
together to save time.
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