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If you are leaving the boat in a boat park then you may need to remove the floats to reduce the width to the minimum. This takes ten minutes. If you need to trail the boat then many items you have secured in assembly may remain so and all you need do is lower the mast and secure it and the floats. This should take about half an hour altogether for two experienced people. Expect it to take longer the first few times.
Pre-2006 floats had to be tied on top of main hull.
Packed up and ready to tow. Magnum 21 ready to trail. Good idea to put something bright on the end of the mast, which overhangs the stern by a metre The sailbag should be stowed on the port side so it cannot slide off past the engine mounting. The engine (not shown here) is usually left on the boat when in transit in the down position. VERY IMPORTANT to tie the floats on making sure that the straps pass through the clamps for the beams! This will prevent forward or backward movement of the floats during hard braking or acceleration.
Position the mast padding to protect the semi-circular part of the deck moulding where the spray hood would go and also so that it protects the floats. Detail of the strapping at the front of the floats. Again it is VERY IMPORTANT to pass the straps through the clamps and around the cross beams to prevent movement during heavy braking. The business end. The boat only needs to be strapped down when the mast is up. However, it is preferable to secure it for transit. Make sure the strap buckle is low so that it does not vibrate against the hull.
launching from a slip Winching the Magnum 21 on or off the trailer. beach trolley suitable for manual launches on soft sand Beach launching Magnum 21 - note
large tyres replace jockey wheel
Magnum 21 at St. Cado's island Less than the width of a Ford Focus! Trailer sailing has never been so easy. The Magnum 21 can even be towed behind a small car such as the Toyota Yaris but a braked trailer is required for vehicles under 1300kg.
transport is easy Launching at Deganwy on the
Conway estuary in North Wales Although two are lifting the float in this photo the task can be done alone simply by putting one of the outrigger tubes in place. This boat was ready to launch in 10 minutes but we took a bit longer to put on boom and the lazybag.
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